Student Ecstatic to Help Amherst Books


“So I won’t eat or do laundry for a month, who cares,” Harvey Reynolds ’18 mused. “I’ll sleep easy knowing that the $200 I spend on my Econ book, which I’ll open maybe once, is going towards propping up the unsustainable business model of small, independent book stores. Every student should have the opportunity to waste money there, for years to come.”

Teens Disappearing One By One From “Haunted” Orientation Squad


“It took Mike first. He was there the first day and then—pfft—vanished. Followed by Arielle. She made it through the first two hours of Orientation Squad 14 never to be seen from again. I only worry, could it take me next? The rest of us have agreed to split-up to investigate.” – final entry from the recovered journal of Dexter Feinberg ’18