About The Muck-Rake

Founded in 1908 and stylishly revitalized under new management after a brief, 104-year hiatus, The Amherst Muck-Rake (“The Muck-Rake”) is a satirical, faux-news publication.  All of its contents should be regarded as satire; none should be regarded as fact.  The Muck-Rake is wholly independent of Amherst College and is not endorsed, authorized, financially or materially supported, or, we assume, appreciated by the trustees, administration, faculty, or staff of the College, or by the College in any other way.

The reader should assume that any individual, including but not limited to the trustees, administration, faculty, staff, students, and any other associates of Amherst College, as well as any other individual, who is named, referenced, mentioned, implied, subtly hinted at through clever literary reference, or otherwise inferred has not consented to the use of his or her name, likeness, or other (potentially) identifying characteristic(s) or information in The Muck-Rake.  It is very possible that that individual dislikes this publication.

The Muck-Rake exists entirely to satirize a broad range of topics, including some that the editors of The Muck-Rake may have yet to consider.  To reiterate, any and all content within The Muck-Rake is intended as satire, and none of it should be regarded as news or fact.

The Muck-Rake is not affiliated with The Wall Street Journal.