All of the Floors of Frost Ranked in Terms of How Close They are to the Sky

Frost Sky

1. C Level

  • Look up. What do you see? Whatever you see, it’s still way underground. In terms of being close to the sky, C Level is blowing it.

2. The Mariana Trench

  • The deepest part of the world’s oceans, and one floor above C level.  Accessible only by submersible and Dunstan McNutt.  Ask him for a tour, but be warned: you will be really far from the sky.

3. B Level

  • Fairly unremarkable and fairly far from the sky. Avoid.

4. A Level

  • It may be A level, but I can think of a level even closer to the sky! Spoiler alert – I can actually think of several. If you really crane your neck out of your cubicle and all the way up the stairs, you might be able to see some sweet, sweet sky.

5. 1st Floor

  • Hello my little cicadas. At long last you’ve reached ground level. Ready to forage? Look outside! On a good day, you can see the sun. On a bad day, you can see exactly who you don’t want to see.  Don’t you wish you were closer to the sky?

6. 2nd Floor

  • Feel the air getting thinner? Smell your ears clogging up? You’re at cruising altitude, baby! Look at all those little ants scurrying about on the quad. Oh wait, those are people down there. You can now use your approved portable electronic devices, but not too loudly – Zeus himself is studying for a bio exam up here!  

7. 3rd Floor

  • Watch out, Icarus! You are in the sky, where Amelia Earheart has been hiding all along. Think you can hear the pearly gates a-creakin’? That’s just Dunstan “God” McNutt guest-swiping deserving souls into eternal paradise. Once you’ve tasted the forbidden rice of heaven, there will be no doubt in your mind that 3rd Floor Frost is the closest floor in Frost to the sky. Say, is that Bird Pritchard?