#NotMySmoothieStation – Oppressive Val Policy Denies that Smoothie Recipes are a Spectrum


Many returning Amherst students have high hopes for the upcoming year. Some students, though, have already had those hopes dashed by a cruel, regressive new policy at Valentine Dining Hall. The once-customizable smoothie station has been replaced with a narrow range of pre-made smoothies. Students with non-conforming and atypical smoothie recipes will be forced into this pre-made dichotomy.

Jessica Wetherby ’21, whose smoothie includes spinach, mango and lighter side chicken, expressed fear that her needs wouldn’t be met by the new system. “I’ve always been marginalized for my food choices,” Wetherby confessed. “I thought Amherst would be a safe smoothie space for me. But now I fear that Amherst’s smoothie fascism will be biased towards protein-rich ingredients in deference to athletes.”

As a protest of the regressive policy, students have placed a large mural of 4 empty glass cups over the drink station in the Back Room. On the bottom of the mural, there is a message written in blended yogurt and blueberries: “These Four Cups Symbolize All The Unrecognized and Uncelebrated Smoothie Recipes of Amherst College.”