Varsity Athletics Point/Counterpoint: Am I Wrong Just Because I’m White?


Point: Am I wrong, just because I’m white?

Gregory Beauregard ’18

It was a day like any other: I showed up to class, ready to learn about how racism is over. But when I came in and saw the topic of that day’s discussion, a chill went down my spine. The board read, “Privilege.” Before thirty minutes had passed, the unthinkable happened. I had been called White. I had been called Male. I had been called an Athlete. I excused myself from the room,  and chugged my whole nalgene in anger. I felt I must respond.

Between the Indicator and ACVoice, all dissing athletics, someone’s gotta take a stand for the little guy, who just so happens to be big, physically. And in the majority, racially.

AC Voice is accusing us by using buzzwords that have been used so much they’ve lost all meaning, like “toxic masculinity” or “de-facto racial segregation.” How can we be part of toxic masculinity when we shower together, which is like, super gay?

How is our housing situation not diverse? If it were not for the diversity in my dorm, I wouldn’t have learned of so many different ways of lifting. Where else could you find a lacrosse player from Connecticut live right next to a football player from Vermont who’s right next to a soccer player from New Hampshire?

Athletes and regular people just lead different sorts of lives. Some might be engaging in  critical discourses about racial or class inequalities, others attempting to make breakthroughs in quantum computing research. Who’s to say smashing into people with my gigantic, bulbous skull is not just as, if not more valuable than that stuff?

I didn’t choose to have a body built for inflicting concussions. I was born this way.

And how do you expect me to sleep at night, knowing that my mother can see my Facebook statuses get only angry reacts? Is crushing ‘stones and smashing chicks really such a crime? White people, heed my call. We don’t need to be part of the persecuted majority anymore.