Opinion: Actually, Snapping Me Nudes Is Empowering


An Op-Ed by Tyler Bradley

I get it: Feminism may be difficult sometimes. The patriarchy makes it difficult to know what kind of concrete, day-to-day decisions we can make to effect change. Progress means stepping out of your comfort zone and engaging your beliefs at all levels; and it is my firm belief that you cannot “Be the Change You Want to See in the World” if you don’t send me nudes.

You may find it uncomfortable, but progress is uncomfortable. If people of all stripes – women, men, etc. – truly wish to move towards equality, we must be ready to do that which we would consider untenable in more backwards eras, like 2016.  You aren’t a feminist if you don’t fully embrace your curves, and you aren’t embracing your curves if you aren’t sending pictures of them to my DMs.

Are you really a feminist if you believe the female form – specifically yours – should be covered? Or worse, unphotographed in the nude and sent to my phone through Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Messenger, or LinkedIn?

Overcoming your fears about sending me nudes is a win for women everywhere. Whenever I receive a picture of the female form in its unclothed glory, I throb with feminist joy. Your body is beautiful, and deserves to be kept in a special folder in my phone.

Of course I believe in intersectional feminism as well. If you need extra empowerment because of race or class discrimination, feel free to send more pictures: my DMs are accepting. And if you’re worried about what your body looks like, don’t worry. I have a few bros who would smash pretty much anyone; we accept all types.

And hey, feminism is about equality, and I would never ask a woman to do what I would not do myself. It takes a lot to make such a sacrifice, but I’m willing to make it for all the Mothers, Sisters, and Wives out there. Therefore, in solidarity, I have been sending dick pics to every woman I know.

How are you #resisting?