New Black Studies Course for Non-Majors – BLST-217: Praising Moonlight and Get Out Without Actually Seeing Them

get outAs part of its Fall 2017 course list, the Black Studies department will be offering BLST-217: Praising Moonlight & Get Out Without Actually Seeing Them. It will be taught by that professor who’s so great… oh shoot everyone loves her…. uhhhh…. her name is on the tip of my tongue….. I think its like Tanisha or something. She’s so great though, and so so important, and I’ve just heard like so many things about her.

The course will focus on ways of knowing modern afro-centric cinema in America. Or – uh – black cinema. African American cinema. People of color cinema? Well, I mean, really its all of those cinemas, because of how intersectional … uhhh … language and cinema are and … ummm … anyway, yeah it’ll really just be focusing on all of that. Which I’m so excited for because it’ll be really, really eye opening, but also justify all of my existing ideas because I’m obviously Woke to the point of knowing everything the class will cover, but also education is so important that I really need to take this class just in solidarity and stuff like that.

Required course materials include frantically reading the Wikipedia summaries of Between the World and Me and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air before class. The course will culminate in a oral presentation judging how convincingly the student can argue that they do, in fact, use lotion. BLST-217 will only be open to white students, with preference given to those who “do not see color” or drink coffee out of mason jars.