To Prevent Party-Related Incidents Before They Happen, ACEMS Juniors Enter Jenkins Lottery


In an effort to reduce the amount of destructive partying on campus, a group of 10 ACEMS juniors has decided to enter the Jenkins lottery this spring.

“The loud, raucous, socials-esque parties in Jenkins have accounted for an astonishing 78% of our calls this year,” explained ACEMS member Doogie Howser, ’18. “But with our low-key hangs, our mandatory alcohol safety courses before each party and our strictly enforced 10:30 common room quiet hours, I think we could see that 78% drop to a cool 0%.”

ACEMS members are reportedly quite hopeful that they will be picked. Said one junior, “I envision the suite will feel like a mix of Scrubs, Animal House and Jenkins Library at 2 a.m….Just maybe without the Scrubs and Animal House parts.”