Capitalizing On Exploiting Hatred For Conservatives, AC Voice Launches “South Sedan” Ride-Share App


Following the tremendous response they received by posting a conservative article just to call it stupid, AC Voice has decided to commodify and capitalize on their militant wokeness. The first step in their plans is a ride-share app based in South Dormitory’s 1st floor common room called “South Sedan.”

“To be honest, we really just stumbled into the whole thing,” said one AC Voice editor. “We had no idea that so many people would hate her article, and that by immediately criticizing it we could significantly boost our visibility. Especially since no one had been talking about us lately. But hey, you know what they say – when life doesn’t give you any lemons, hoodwink someone into giving you lemons and then make some motherfucking lemonade.”

South Sedan’s travel range will be inclusive of the entire campus. Except for anywhere they don’t want to drive.