Report: Moodle Participants Not Nearly as Attractive in Person

participants.pngAmherst, MA – Despite a previous, in-depth study of the Moodle Participants tab for each of his preferred courses, Chett Digsby ’19 reported that his classmates were not nearly as attractive as their online I.D. photos had led him to believe.

“I am disappointed, to say the least,” reported Digsby after attending the first session of the Russian 421: Primary Documents of the Bulavin Rebellion.

“I don’t really speak Russian, but Katie Hubble and Mary Irth looked kinda cute on Moodle,” he explained. “Little did I know they’re just regular nerds who wear glasses! So misleading. So sad,” Chett articulated.

In addition to Russian 421, Digsby, a Psychology major, had pre-registered for Quantum Theory, Ancient Greek Philosophy, and Expressing Art Through Interpretive Movement.

“I heard some hot girls mention those classes one time, so I checked out the Moodle page. My expectations were high based on the photos, but my dreams were crushed today,” lamented Chett.

When a friend suggested Chett check out Feminist Theory, Digsby promptly dismissed the idea and continued to sigh at his Course Scheduler.