Op-Ed: I Don’t Normally Make Political Posts, but Condemning Trump Will Get Me a Lot of Likes Because My Social Network is an Echo Chamber


OPINION – I don’t normally make political posts, but I feel too strongly to not write a rhetorically extravagant status about Donald Trump that will not convince anyone of anything they don’t already agree with.

I don’t usually publish my opinions on social media, but this election is too important not to say something to my like-minded acquaintances and racist aunt Wanda. I heard that Trump doesn’t respect women and also that he could just be a Cheeto with Steve Buscemi’s under-eye skin. He needs to be stopped, and I will do everything in my power to post an article on Facebook and then feel self-satisfied.

I don’t normally try to force my opinions on others, but this election is a bigger issue than anything before it. Trayvon Martin and Sandy Hook did not deserve a post.

I don’t believe that Facebook is the proper venue for politics, but I did make an Amherst Uprising status last year that got me a lot of praise considering I was only there for 20 minutes when I got trapped trying to use the printer on A-level. This post will let my followers know where I stand, and it could get easily a third of the likes of that picture of me fake-laughing in a leaf pile.

We cannot let this man become president – not only does he have a butthole mouth, but his policies are bad for America. Is it too late to register to vote?