Ilan Stavans Pens Entire Book During Tuesday Class Meeting

Barrett Hall – Amherst’s most prolific professor has finished his latest book, conceptualized and written in its entirety during the eighty-minute Tuesday session of his “Translating the Classics” course.

“What are… we?” the professor asked his class breathlessly, pensively staring into the distance. A spirited discussion ensued, providing the wildly successful author ample distraction to begin crafting his latest masterpiece.

A pioneer of the one-word course title – he has taught “God,” Love,” “Places,” “Thought,” and “Me” – Stavans, the Lewis-Sebring Professor in Latin American and Latino Culture, is renowned outside the classroom for his superhuman ability to churn out bestsellers. However, students and faculty agree that the Spanglish scholar’s productivity has reached unprecedented heights.

“Ilan was in rare form today,” remarked awestruck Stavans devotee Monica Leon ’16 after class. “His discussion questions were inspired, yet he managed to both start and finish his latest memoir in one sitting, while we were all talking.” Leon pointed out that the first two chapters of the new work, entitled “Me, Myself, Quixote, and I,” are assigned for Thursday’s class.


As of this afternoon, Ilan Stavans has reportedly put both the starting and finishing touches on his latest anthology, “Now That’s What I Call Ilan Stavans,” which includes this morning’s Quixote book. The professor will be signing copies of both titles during his office hours this week.