7 Signs You’re The Cool Professor!


Resident “cool professor” Adam Zabranksi (COSC-283 Introduction to Underwater Welding) shares the top 7 habits of profs that are totally “lit”:

  1. You respond to emails in Comic Sans.

I reply to students’ painstakingly crafted emails in a funky font with questionable grammar to let them know they can relax around me. I keep my kids on their toes by signing off with an ambiguous series of emojis – lately I’ve been partial to the moon face, the knife, and the monkey covering its eyes.

2. You drop the F-bomb.

I try to use inappropriate language at least once per lecture – it lets my pupils know that they can talk to me as they would their “bros”. After all, I consider all my students to be just bros without tenure.

3. Every day is casual day.

I’ve been told more than zero times that I rock the open-toed sandals with no socks look . Your attire should scream ‘I have a Ph.D. in molecular physics but I still can still hang with the boys’.

4. You reference technology.

According to Buzzfeed, the number one thing youths relate to is iPhones. Earn street cred by referencing Snapchat, texting, sexting, and/or dick pics. Also make sure to find and “friend” your students on Facebook.

5. Students call you by your first name.

On the first day, I tell everyone to call me Adam – none of this ‘Professor Zabranski’ nonsense! Your students should feel as comfortable as they do when addressing their new stepdad, Glen.

6. You sit in a backward-turned chair.

Every time I have something serious to discuss, I grab a chair and swivel it around backwards so I can sit with my legs at an angle far wider than normally acceptable. The informal posture is a cue for my students to relax while I let the boys get some air.

7. You hold class outside.

Confining your students within the institutional walls of the classroom boxes in their spirit AND their ability to learn – that’s why I like to shift my 8:30 a.m. class to the damp, tree-root-riddled ground of the quad. Plus, the occasional inclement weather keeps kids from falling asleep at least 40% of the time. Tight!