Really Modest Football Player Embarrassed He Just Has to Wear Championship Hat All Day


Amherst, MA – Ryan Cular ’17, starting linebacker and really sensitive guy, reportedly blushed as he walked into English class this morning, wearing a NESCAC championship hat on his head. After winning the pretty important football game this weekend, Cular arrived to class five minutes late, and apologized to his professor by giving her a quick tip of his crisp, white cap. Cular then seated himself in between Julie Bakan ’19 and Emily Hotte ’18.

As the professor continued to lecture on 18th Century poetry, Cular turned to Hotte with the conscientious question, “Is my NESCAC 2015 Football Champions hat blocking your view?”

Without waiting for a response, Cular continued over the professor, “I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I have to wear this all day. Honestly, beating Williams at a time when our school really needed some hope just isn’t that big of a deal. I only saved like 5 plays, max.”

Cular then accidentally dropped his hat in front of Bakan while throwing her an unintentional wink.

Sources later confirmed that at 11:55 AM Val lunch, Cular continued to wear his hat in embarrassment, while making just a few laps around the building.

“I can’t wait until I can take this NESCAC 2015 Football Champions hat off again,” Cular commented. “The only thing that will be more embarrassing is when I have to wear our matching NESCAC 2015 Football Champions sweatsuits everyday for a week.”