[Opinion] This Fall Festival, Do Not Forget: One Day We Too, Shall Fall

fall large

The annual Fall Festival is here, and with it, cider doughnuts, hay rides, and reminders of the fleeting nature of our existence.

Come to the Valentine Quadrangle to commemorate fiery reds and oranges overtaking the greens of broadleaf trees, warm morning rains giving way to sunshine and breezy afternoons, and the final inevitable change, one just as sure as the seasons, the passage from this life to the next.

From 1:30 to 4, you can try to ignore your fruitless revolt against the inorganic eternity of all things with a pumpkin carving contest, a horse-drawn hay wagon, and oversized Connect Four; which are all distractions, all barriers to the realization that in time, we will encounter the infinite, an inevitability that no game of Cornhole toss may conquer.

This fall festival will feature music from a-Capella groups like the DQ and the Zumbyes, who will sing all your favorite hits, then end – thus heightening your attenuation to the crushing silence that follows. Much like a banana suit, life’s novelty fades, leaving only regret to mark its place.

On Sunday, be prepared to enjoy the inflatable obstacle course and slide, which will provide students the opportunity to hear the laughter of children filtering through the golden trees, suppressing the fear of the day when the laughter must cease, and time’s unthinking scythe descends.

Also there will be a special S’mores station with hot chocolate to complement the squishy marshmallows.

So when fall festival arrives, we hope you enjoy doughnuts, caramel apples and hot cider accompanied by Maple Valley ice cream; fried dough, pumpkin fries, kettle corn and lemonade, and perhaps most importantly of all, recall the heartless immensity of the universe, our homelessness in this cosmic nothing, and the highest joys are but pathways to the deepest, unflinching woe.

-Memento Maurice