Free & For Sale: Books, Clothes, Dignity, and Other Non-Essentials

free and for sale

AMHERST, MA – Since its advent in 2008, Free & for Sale, a student run Facebook group, has been a convenient place to sell unwanted furniture, books, work ethics, and other college essentials. Students feel grateful for the accessible way to get rid of things they no longer need, such as hopes, or belief in the reality of friendship.

Ryan Clark, ’17, was excited that he could finally offload his hopes of being a doctor before beginning junior year. “It was really easy! I was initially worried that no one would want the years of academic anxiety, pressure from my parents and a lifetime of stress, but like four people messaged me asking if they could have any of the drive and ambition I didn’t need any more!”

Students highlight the convenience of being able to post on the go from their phones, “I decided I didn’t need my dignity anymore while I was in Crossett one night, so I just opened the Facebook app on my iPhone, and within minutes a baseball senior came and took it off my hands,” says sophomore Emma Klein.

“The internet has allowed student economic activity to flourish in a way we like to encourage,” comments Biddy Martin, stroking the head of her human footstool, a remarkably obedient and comfortable senior who President Martin found using Free & for Sale, “I hope the site continues to grow in popularity.”