[SPON] It’s Not Too Late, Register for Amherst College Studies Classes Today!


There’s nothing Amherst does better than talk about Amherst, so now we’re bringing it into the classroom: announcing Amherst’s newest major*, Amherst College Studies (ACST). Put all those Val #complainsessions to good use and enroll in an ACST course today! This rigorous major will require students to spend a minimum of 3 years on campus at Amherst College. Students may not count classes outside of the ACST department toward their major requirements, unless the course is taken at Amherst College. The following are just a sampling of the latest courses still available to students.

ACST 100: Introduction to Amherst College Studies
ACST 110: Examining Introduction to Amherst College Studies
ACST 125: Checking the Val Menu on the Website
ACST 135: Checking the Val Menu at Val
ACST 150: What the H*ck Is in This Jungle Juice? (Science for non-majors)
ACST 175: The Art of Scapegoating: How to Complain About Val Even When You Like the Food

ACST 200: (Re)examining Introduction to Amherst College Studies
ACST 210, LJST 117 & PHIL 212: Telling Cooper and Clark House Apart
ACST 310, PHIL 300 & LJST 217: Telling Clark and Cooper House Apart
ACST 235: Getting into Val When You Don’t Have Your ID: How to Complain about Val Even When You Got in Without Your ID
ACST 260: Memorial Hill or…? Investigating the Best Spots to Take Photos with Your Family
ACST 280: Coming to Terms: Free Food on Campus

ACST 310: 8 Is Enough: Backstabbing & the the Politics of Room Draw
ACST 315: Sleeping through Class: It Happens
ACST 320: “H” in “Amherst”: A Critical Investigation of the Pronunciation and Spelling of the Word “Amherst”
ACST 335: The Socials: Theory and Practice
ACST 345: What’s Wrong with Jocks? with Professor Dumm

ACST 410: What’s Wrong with Jocks? with Professor Sanborn
ACST 451: To Pee or Not to Pee? Critical Studies of Amherst’s Bathrooms and Trees

*Amherst College Studies is not yet an official major. Any student graduating with ACST major will receive a certificate in Liberal Arts.