Report: Sophomore Has Two Midterms on the Same Day


In what she has been calling her “most stressful week ever,” Samantha Young ’17 revealed to sources that she has two midterms on the same day.

She told her friends, family, acquaintances, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the Muck-Rake that she is probably going to have to pull, like, two all-nighters in a row to study for both her Biology and Calculus midterms.

“I’m not even sure if I want to be a doctor anymore, if I’m going to have to sacrifice my health,” she told friends during a short break from like three hours of studying, “I bet people at other schools never have to deal with this.”

“At first I didn’t think that it was all that serious,” said local acquaintance Alison Carruthers. “But then I saw her Snapchat,” she told us, referring to a Snapchat story Ms. Young sent out at approximately 11:30 PM on Thursday, showing her visibly exhausted face with the caption “dead” underneath, followed by a picture of what appear to be class notes with the caption “#turnt.”

“She drew three tears on her face in that Snapchat,” Carruthers noted. “She’s really suffering.”

Young’s unfortunate error of having two things to do has majorly gotten in the way with her scheduling, sources say.

Young had to turn down invitations to dinner, coffee, and several Amherst events so that she could study for the upcoming same-day exams, even though she would allegedly get way behind on her readings for her other classes.

“Like 300 pages of it,” the future General Studies major told our sources.

“I’m probably the most stressed out person at Amherst College. I slept like five hours in the past two days,” she said for the benefit of the people that didn’t hear it before, “Five hours,” she added.

The Muck-Rake has yet to confirm reports that Young was seen at the Powerhouse on Saturday.