“Great AC Voice Article!” Comments AC Voice Writer


AMHERST, Ma. — Sitting on her bed, swinging her legs back and forth, AC Voice Junior Staff Member Taffeta Jones ’17 told reporters Tuesday that she knew exactly what she was going to comment on Martha Eppler’s latest AC Voice piece, “Why Kale is Racist and So Are You.”

“I’m probably going to describe it as a ‘great article’, or maybe a ‘real think piece,’” Jones said of the article.

Jones later admitted that she only kind of skimmed it, but that it “looked like something I could probably start an argument about.” Explaining that she generally held this opinion about most of the AC Voice articles she pretends to read, Jones went on to say that she really did mean it for this one.

“I think it’s really nice that there’s an entire website where AC Voice staff members can read and comment on articles written by other staff members.”