Phillip Qu: “I Was Already a Senator?!”

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AMHERST, Ma. – Phillip Qu ’16 was delighted Monday afternoon to discover an email from the Judiciary Council indicating that he had already been an AAS senator for a full year. “This is wonderful news!” exclaimed a visibly elated Qu. “The whole time I’ve been at Amherst—and ever since I was a child, really—I’ve dreamed of becoming an AAS senator. I never would have guessed that my dream had previously been a reality!”

Given this extraordinary news, Qu, respected by his peers for his undying commitment to all things AAS, has reevaluated his current campaign. He says that, even if elected, he will not attend further meetings. “Looking back, I’ve spent a long time as a senator,” explained Qu. “What I need now is to take a little personal time, stay out of the public eye for a bit. At least I can rest easy, knowing I’ve served my class to the best of my ability.”