Fans Delighted by Newest Novel from Carolyn A.B. Martin

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AMHERST, Ma. – “… welcoming Catherine as Amherst College’s new Dean of the Faculty. Sincerely, Biddy Martin,” concluded Carolyn A.B. Martin at a book signing Tuesday afternoon, where close to 200 excited fans had gathered to hear Martin read from the latest book in her wildly successful fantasy series, A Song of Sexual Misconduct and Firing PeopleA Dance With Deans is the most recent installment in the series, following the critically acclaimed A Feast for Bros. Bros caused quite a stir for its shocking finale now referred to by fans as “Crossett Christmas.”

Amherst College abounds with fans of Martin’s work. When asked to recall her favorite moment in the series, Amalie Harting ’15, self-proclaimed “#1 Martin Fangirl”, replied, “Oh, that’s easy. Definitely when she killed off Gretchen Krull. Who could’ve seen that coming? The greatest part of her stories is their unpredictability. Dean Epstein is a great new character—I can’t wait to see what Martin does with her.”

Harting’s only criticism was that Martin takes too long to write her novels. “We waited a month for A Dance With Deans, and now I hear it may take another two for the next one. What else does she have to do besides write these masterpieces?” Approached with such concerns, Martin only chuckled softly, a twinkle in her eye. “What can I say? Art is work. Hard, hard work.”