TD Moves Into On-Campus House

Screen shot 2013-11-16 at 4.08.06 PMAMHERST, Ma. – Citing the need for “a fresh start”, the fraternity formerly known as TD took up residence in the Little Red Schoolhouse last week. While the brothers are still waiting to officially hear back from the International Little Red Schoolhouse Organization on the status of their charter, they’ve already adopted the new name “Little Red Frat”. One LRF brother, who wished to remain anonymous, reported, “The house is sick nasty. Morning circle time has been a big success so far, and the theme-based curriculum that emphasizes the four areas of childhood development is going to be a huge asset come Rush Week.” The only problem the brothers have encountered so far has been public urination on Friday and Saturday nights. “It’s just like people peeing on our house? Just really disrespectful behavior, not okay bro.”