Val Introduces New Cups

Screen shot 2013-11-06 at 8.49.57 PM

AMHERST, Ma. – Likely due to a shortage of cups, Dining Services has released more cups. The new cup design, hailed as “blue” and “different, I guess,” was apparently introduced during the lunch hour this past Tuesday. Asked to comment on the new cups, English major Alison Vey ’15 responded, “Are they?” before confirming, “Oh, they are,” while Tony Ortega ’14, member of the Outing Club, praised them as “cleaner.”

Dean Larimore expressed high hopes for the cups, citing the success of similar measures at Dartmouth. True to Larimore’s predictions, cup supplies have been at an all time high since the release of the new batch of cups. And while some students have noted that the new cups “make milk look kind of weird” and “might not stack the same,” they seem to serve their purpose about as well as the old ones.

The new cups appear to be unrelated to reports of increased numbers of white mugs in Val, which most sources agree were “probably always there” and “obviously for tea.”