College Issues Guide to Family Weekend Safety

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AMHERST, Ma. – In an email sent to seven Amherst students last night, the Office of Residential Life offered the student body several tips for staying safe this family weekend. Warning students to “keep an eye out for unwanted sexual advances,” the email explained that “a lot of parents come to Family Weekend pretty jaded with monogamy and the domestic scene and are eager to take advantage of what they perceive to be an ‘easy’ hook-up scene at Amherst.”

The email also cautioned that “many parents tend to be pretty drunk all weekend long,” an “unfortunate combination” demanding extra vigilance from students—especially given that some parents are also alumni, whose threat to current students has been well-documented.

Although some students expressed offense at the email, characterizing it as “victim-blaming” and “dude, that’s my dad you’re talking about,” others were less hostile, calling the advice “good.” Asked for comment, Director of Public Affairs Peter Rooney replied, “Huh?” before continuing to watch football.