Hampshire Adds Pictorial Evaluations


AMHERST, Ma — Long famed for their unique educational philosophy, the faculty of Hampshire College have decided to add pictorial evaluations of student’s performance in courses, to go along with the already-used narrative evaluations.

“An original drawing is a portal into the soul, the greatest demonstration of one’s inner emotions,” stated Hampshire Anthropology professor Jameson Hardwick. “And I feel very strongly that my students understood the sociocultural implications of diet. Those who didn’t…well, I think that is well represented by the frowning moon in the corner here.”

The alternative evaluation offer has been met with wide acceptance by Hampshire students, who have gone so far as to request similar-style evaluations from their 5-College professors.

Amherst College Assistant Professor of English Christopher Grobe met requests with bemusement. “I don’t see any problem with it, I guess,” Grobe stated before sighing. “It’s just…what does a ‘C-‘ look like?”