All College Laundry™ Offers to Bring “Clothesline Project” Right To Your Door

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Amherst, MA – In their continuing commitment to quality and convenience, All College Laundry™ has matched the 5 College Clothesline project by offering the same service, straight to your door.

“We recognize that student’s lead busy lives,” stated Amherst All College Laundry™ representative Thomas J. Nixon. “We wanted to bring the message of sexual respect and the heartbreaking personal messages right to you. We expect students will jump at the opportunity.”

Some students were more hesitant.

“This is in really bad taste” stated Carla Young ’17. “Really bad taste. It looks like they made the shirts themselves. Half of them are just advertisements for All College Storage.”

At press time, Dean Moore could not be reached for comment, although sources in his office report that he was “working on a very important email” and could not be disturbed.