Half of The Muck-Rake Completely Perplexed Why Other Half of The Muck-Rake Put Up ‘Salsa Rancho’ Banner


AMHERST, Ma. – Half of the editors of The Amherst Muck-Rake expressed confusion Sunday as to why the other half of the venerable news source’s editorial management chose to change its website’s banner to read “Salsa Rancho’s **Spicy** Muck-Rake; Cinco de Mayo Edition.”

“It took me five minutes to get it, and that’s only because I work here,” complained one Muck-Rake editor, who noted that the entire “joke” apparently derived from an old online handle, “Salsa Rancho,” used by a current Muck-Rake writer.

“[The writer] hasn’t used ‘Salsa Rancho’ in months.  There’s no way our readers will get that,” the editor protested after discovering the change had already made its way, irrevocably, to the organization’s Facebook page.

Other editors expressed concern that, without their frame of reference, the banner would be perceived as vaguely racist, and, worse, unfunny.  “It just looks like witless stereotyping,” said one editor.  “It’s dumb.”

Editors acknowledged they’d probably leave the banner up, given that nobody had the time or desire to remove it.  But several noted they would need to tighten the group’s editorial standards in the wake of the incident.

“This moronic banner distracts from some really great journalism,” one editor argued, calling it “almost as stupid” as the decision to post a Facebook poll that gave away the content of some of the editor’s upcoming mascot stories.