Archivists Begin Ambitious Muck-Rake Digitization Effort


AMHERST, Ma. – In an ongoing effort to provide Amherst College’s cultural materials digitally and openly to the public, the Amherst College archivists have begun to print out and store Muck-Rake articles—including this very news brief.

Despite the prohibitively high costs (rumored to be upwards of $20 per article—including this one, mind you), the dedicated librarians hope that their hard work will guarantee that Muck-Rake articles will be available to any Amherst student. After digitizing, the Frost-based archive group plans on making the satirical news website’s stories free to view.

“Oh yes we have high hopes. After we complete this project, all you would need to do is follow a simple URL link in your browser that would direct you to any Muck-Rake story. Unfortunately, we have yet to devise a way to account for the various HTML language configurations, such as hypertext,” stated head archivist Charles Liddle.

The target completion date is set 2018. “We don’t know when we’ll finish, unfortunately. The Muck-Rake keeps on posting highly memorable articles [Editor’s note: he is speaking of articles such as this one] which are worth saving for posterity at an alarming rate,” Liddle added.