Tepe Excited to Bring ‘Real Change We Can Believe In’ on ‘Day One’


AMHERST, Ma. – Saying he was “chomping at the bit” to “roll up his sleeves and get to work,” Association of Amherst Students President-elect George Tepe pledged Monday to “hit the ground running” “on Day One.”

“We’re going to fire on all cylinders to bring Amherst students the change we can believe in,” said Tepe.  The incoming president promised to “end politics as usual.”

“Hard-working people are struggling out there just to make ends meet,” Tepe announced, “and they’re sick and tired of the partisan blame game.” Tepe promised to make his presidency “the most transparent in history,” counting “honest leadership” among his “small-town family values.”

“I’ll step up to the plate and score a touchdown for bipartisan straight-talk,” Tepe assured reporters.  “I stand for common-sense solutions.”

But Tepe warned that “career politicians” were standing in the way of “all that we’ve achieved so far.”  “I think we all know the usual suspects,” said Tepe.  “Washington.”

“Frankly,” said Tepe, “It’s time to just say no.”

“I’m not interested in ready-made slogans,” Tepe concluded.  “It’s time for change.”