Muck-Rake Endorses Will Savino in ‘Tremendous’ Quid Pro Quo


Savino ’14 Excited to Welcome Students of ‘Little Red Schoolhouse’ to Campaign Headquarters

AMHERST, Ma. – The Amherst Muck-Rake, the preeminent news source for Amherst College, has formally endorsed William Savino, the Junior from Buffalo, New York, after settling a backroom arrangement with the candidate.  The terms of the arrangement were not available at press time.

“Mr. Savino is a candidate of running for the position of Student Body President,” read the statement released by the Muck-Rake Editorial Board.  “We are endorsing him for the position of Student Body President.”

The Savino campaign applauded the endorsement, confirming that the publication’s immense popularity and strong reader base would surely influence the final outcome of the election.  “We are very proud to call the iconic organization a supporter of the campaign,” said Savino, caught off guard by the ideal timing of the announcement.  “They will feature this endorsement prominently on the website during the day of the election.”