AAS Mandates Use of Zaikah Event Calendar for All Zaikah-Related Events


AMHERST, Ma. –  The Association of Amherst Students (AAS) has mandated that all events related to the online “Zaikah” event calendar be posted to the Zaikah webpage. According to class senator Bryson Kern ’15, many in the AAS see the online calendar as a great way to spread on-campus awareness of Zaikah. “Information about Zaikah simply wasn’t being broadcast well enough around the Amherst campus. Now that Zaikah must post all of its upcoming events to Zaikah, we think that Zaikah can be really effective in informing the school about Zaikah,” said Kern. Zaikah creator Amar Mukunda noted that the proposed change to Zaikah would not interfere with his plans to “Zaikah-ize” the campus and greater community. “With a few simple modifications to the Zaikah code, Zaikah can easily post its internal Zaikah events to Zaikah,” said Mukunda, through a Zaikah event posting on Zaikah. “May you all be well.”