Shruthi Badri, Fraternity Brother?


MUCK-RAKE ELECTION CENTER –The AAS presidential race was turned upside down this afternoon by reports that Shruthi Badri ’16, the front-runner in the contest for student-body president, is a member of one of Amherst College’s infamous “underground fraternities.”

Badri, sources allege, has pledged the fraternity formerly known as TD, which was recently embroiled in a scandal regarding misogynistic clothing.

“The secrecy and sexism of these fraternities has no place in the student government of Amherst College,” said Will Kamin ’15, campaign manager for George Tepe ’14. “George would never consider joining such an organization. And if he did, he certainly wouldn’t let everyone find out.”

At press time, The Muck-Rake has yet to receive a reaction from Badri, whom Kamin suspects may be harassing female students or worse.