Badri Tops Gallup Poll


MUCK-RAKE ELECTION CENTER – Shruthi Badri now leads the Gallup Poll’s survey of the 2013 AAS presidential election, spiking to 49.8-percent support after entering the race at 8 this morning.

“Badri has risen to the dominant position with unprecedented haste,” said Gallup Polling Director Andrew Mederman.  “If trends continue, she may carry this race virtually uncontested.”

News of the results was greeted with cheers in Badri’s West Loop, Chicago headquarters.

Badri led competitors Will Savino and George Tepe, besting Savino, with 27.6 percent, and Tepe, with 21.4.  1.2 percent were too disgusted to respond.

Badri’s precise position matters in the AAS election, as any candidate securing over exactly 50 percent of the vote will win without a runoff, while any lesser result would force a contest between the two highest vote-getters.

Sources suggest Savino and Tepe are already acting with such contingencies in mind.  “We’re going to do everything we can to see that a runoff takes place,” said Tepe campaign advisor Josh Mayer ’13.  “Everything.”