Badri Launches Presidential Campaign


MUCK-RAKE ELECTION CENTER – Amherst College heavyweight Shruthi Badri ’16 declared her entry into the 2013 Association of Amherst Students presidential election Thursday, announcing the formation of her campaign organization and pledging to take on competitors George Tepe and Will Savino, both juniors.

“For too long, the AAS has stood for weakness and incompetence,” said Badri in a video announcement on her website.  “It’s time for a student who will lead this college campus, and I’m proud to to rise to that challenge.”

Badri’s entrance into the race ends months of speculation over whether she would be the first woman in twelve months to throw her hat into the ring.  Anticipation skyrocketed last week following news that Badri had assembled a finance team and entered talks with Josh Mayer ’13 for exclusive rights to his campaign-signage template.  Those talks broke down when Mayer’s design was copied almost precisely by Tepe without authorization.

Badri is scheduled to arrive on campus later this morning for back-to-back rallies with core political constituencies, including Women for Shruthi, LGBT Amherstonians for Shruthi, and the Teamsters.

Badri’s announcement garnered quick reactions from political observers.  “Shruthi’s a great addition to the field,” said Democratic fundraiser David Geffen.  “She’s tough as nails, a known quantity, and a proven campaigner.”

Veteran campaign strategists predict Badri will prove a formidable opponent for Savino and Tepe.  “This girl’s got what it takes to wipe the floor with these two lamb chops and polish it to boot,” said Muck-Rake Election Center Senior Analyst James Carville.  “I tell you, if I was either one of ’em right now, my campaign aide would be Jack Daniels.”

According to poll reports, Badri spent her morning meeting with political staff and touring her West Loop campaign headquarters before conducting a series of press availabilities.

Campaign sources suggest Badri will attend a breakfast fundraiser in Tyler House before proceeding to her public events.  The breakfast, hosted by Henrik Onarheim ’13, is expected to net $14.3 million.

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