Students Not Surprised, Just Disappointed by Police Raid on Chipotle


AMHERST, Ma. — A gathering at the local Chipotle restaurant was broken up by an Amherst College Police Officer last Thursday due to a noise complaint. The officer’s arrival at the new and popular fast food restaurant at 7 p.m. was disappointing  but not surprising, according to some local customers. “It was too good to be true,” said Morgan Rubino ’15. “Everyone was just starting to have a really great time, lots of conversation, so you knew the police would be there soon.”

Rubino was not the only patron put-out by the shut down. Joanne Marr ’13 said this happens “every damn time” and that she simply wished “to eat a quesadilla” and “maybe a few chips.”  “Is that so much to ask?” posed the Amherst College senior as Officer John Sattlebock confiscated all of the burritos, chips, and guacamole in plain sight. Marr added that she believed she was within her legal rights while eating at the establishment.

The only person taken aback by the intrusion was cashier Zack Braunthal, who found himself struggling to produce an Amherst College ID after being confronted by Officer Sattlebock. “I didn’t even realize what was happening,” Braunthal reported later that evening. “I was told by the other cashiers that if I just put the order down right away, everything would be okay.”

Rumors that the noise complaint was called in by neighbor Taco Bell remain unconfirmed.