Amherst Thrifts Spring Concert from Williams


AMHERST, Ma. — The Amherst College Program Board revealed the school’s spring-concert artist as Macklemore on Tuesday, reporting that concert chair Peter Crane ’15 had picked up the rapper for a “killer bargain” after he was dropped from Williams College’s spring concert.

Crane found the Seattle-based rapper at a Hadley, Massachusetts Salvation Army, where he had been discarded in mid-January after everyone had tired of his one viral hit.

“We’d been having trouble moving [Macklemore], for sure,” reported Salvation manager Henry Parker. “Interest definitely peaked in September 2012. I’m not sure anyone wanted that particular piece after then. We’re glad it’s going to a good family, though.”

In an announcement “roll-out” featuring the improv troupe Mr. Gad’s, the college radio station WAMH, and the college newspaper The Amherst Student, Crane explained that the deal was simply too good to pass up.

“Look, he fits in with everything here,” Crane told the WAMH show “ONE M.I.C.” “Here’s a white guy who sings about buying clothes to get noticed. But here’s the thing: he’s affecting being poor, too. I haven’t been this excited about Amherst culture since the AAS did the ‘Harlem Shake.”

“It was hard not to pop that tag,” added Crane.

At press time, three students were celebrating the announcement by playing Macklemore in the Keefe game rooms.