Political Science Department Introduces Physical Component to Thesis Prerequisites


AMHERST, Ma. – Starting with the Class of 2015, Amherst College students who wish to be considered for graduation with departmental honors in Political Science will have to pass a physical fitness test administered twice during the thesis process and potentially once more upon graduation, according to internal departmental emails leaked to Muck-Rake editorial staff yesterday.  According to William H. Hastie ’25 Professor of Political Science Thomas L. Dumm, the physical component to the thesis prerequisite will be comprised of seven parts: push-ups, sit-ups, a timed two-mile run, deadlifts, full supination concentration curls, two-twitch speed push-ups (four fast, three slow), and 80/20 siebers-speed squats.  Students seeking to graduate with department honors will have to achieve a minimum score of 60 on each event, measured in compliance with the standards detailed in Chapter 14 of Army Field Manual 21-20, Physical Fitness Training.

The physical fitness test is just the latest addition to the list of prerequisites necessary to begin a senior thesis project in Political Science, which already contains stipulations about grade point average, diversity of classes taken in the department, chores performed for Professor of Political Science Javier Corrales, and a hashed out thesis proposal, adviser, and thesis.