Scott Brown Slams AAS Budgetary Committee over Honorarium for Scott Brown


AMHERST, Ma. – Unemployed politician and former United States senator Scott Brown (R-Ma.) delivered a rousing speech in Amherst College’s Johnson Chapel on Saturday, deriding the Association of Amherst Students for funding the honorarium for former United States senator Scott Brown (R-Ma.). Citing minutes from the AAS Budgetary Committee meeting on January 30, Brown noted that not a single member of the committee expressed concern about the long term financial impact of a $10,000 expenditure, and that calculations into the present discounted value of the transaction were done without attention to future interest rates and Amherst’s declining S&P credit rating. “Ultimately, it is you students and you alumni who are going to be picking up the tab for this,” the former Massachusetts state senator said. “And let’s be honest:  This isn’t going to be cheap.”