Lacrosse Midfielder: Investment Banking ‘Not for Me’


GOODING FIELD – Speaking to a stupefied audience of teammates and coaches Friday, men’s lacrosse player Chad Bullwright ’13 informed everyone of the news that only his closest friends had previously known: he was not going to be joining an investment management firm upon graduation.

“I came to realize that I wasn’t sure how fulfilling it would be to move money around,” said the senior economics major, who passed such classes as Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, and the elective International Trade.  “I’m also dubious of the morality of a job that contributes to the bloated American financial sector,” he added, sporting the same slightly gelled fauxhawk that had signaled to the rest of campus his financial ambitions.  “A job shouldn’t just be about the money. It’s about who you are as a person. I think Amherst has taught me that.” Bullwright clarified that he found nothing wrong with others taking jobs at investment firms; only that he could not see himself doing it.

At press time, Bullwright reported that he was instead planning to live on a trust fund in a two-bedroom Park Avenue apartment to spend some time figuring stuff out.