Amherst Compliments Roundup

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  • Anna Gonzalez ’14 complimented all of her friends for bumping her to the top of the Amherst Compliments power rankings with 84 ‘likes’.
  • Stephen Hayes ’15 is alternating between moments of social anxiety and ambivalent narcissism because he is ranked at the bottom of the Amherst Compliments power rankings with only 9 ‘likes’.
  • Professor David Sofield complimented Joey Bada$$ for his sublime rendition of “Funky Ho’$”.
  • Anonymous complimented the editors of the Amherst Muck-Rake for providing timely, hilarious satirical news for the Amherst Community at
  • In a desperate attempt to have regular sex, Justin Jameson ’15 complimented his girlfriend, April Bortz ’15, for being unafraid to share her enlightening views on the Multicultural Resource Center.
  • The Amherst College Police would like to compliment an unnamed white male at Stone Dormitory for extending that extra personal touch to us and others. At approximately 5’11” in height, stocky build, having short brown hair, wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans, you were just the person we were looking for in our lives. You  are a go-getter with a passion for activism. Please tag him in the comments of this post so he can see this compliment.