Michael Steele Address: Belated Liveblog

JOHNSON CHAPEL, Amherst College – Michael Steele is currently addressing the Amherst community, half an hour ago.  This is breaking live then:

7:45 p.m. ET – Michael Steele: ‘Hello, Connecticut’

8:13 – Michael Steele to Barely Legal Audience: ‘You Show Me Yours, I’ll Show You Mine’

8:29 – Two Months of Campus Cultural Progress Negated by Michael Steele

Former county, state, and national Republican Party chairman and lieutenant governor Michael Steele refers to himself as ‘a brotha’ in an effort to appeal specifically to a largely Black assembly in the balcony of Johnson Chapel, including a biochemistry major, two residents of Darien, Connecticut, a Fulbright Fellow, the son of the finance minister of Ghana, and Rhonda Cobham-Sander.

8:42 – Michael Steele Takes First Conservative Position of Evening

“I am strongly Pro-Life,” says former RNC chairman Michael Steele.  “Except when that infringes on your choices.”

8:57 – Laurence Pevsner to Question Michael Steele into 2014

Amherst College sophomore Laurence Pevsner ’14 will continue to question former RNC chairman Michael Steele without interruption until he can conclude with a detailed question about the 2014 midterm elections, in 2014.

9:14 – Number of Michael Steele Address Attendees, Number of White Male Questioners Approaching Singularity

9:19 – Michael Steele Questioners Hatch Larvae, Which Line Up to Ask More Questions

9:25 – Motion to End Questioning of Michael Steele Misses 60-Vote Threshold

9:34 – Michael Steele’s Rental Hyundai Breaks Down Again

Anyone with a free moment is urged to drive Michael Steele back to the Hadley Marriott.