Editorial: Relocate the Game Room for the MRC


In its 192nd year, Amherst College faces a challenge unprecedented in its history. What once served as a religious training ground for the privileged elite now aspires to inform and educate a student body diverse in myriad forms. The college recognizes that the time has come to more forcefully and openly embrace such diversity. As the publication of record for Amherst College since 1908, The Amherst Muck-Rake agrees with that sentiment. For that reason, The Muck-Rake endorses the relocation of the Keefe Campus Center game room to make way for the MRC.

The Muck-Rake Center will serve as a critical nexus of Muck-Rake operations, including news-gathering, editorial management, live broadcast, and merchandise development. This media nerve center will strengthen The Muck-Rake’s reporting and distribution capabilities, ensuring all Amherst students access to the stories and insight they deserve and need. With its many windows and highly visible location, the MRC will also further The Muck-Rake’s commitment to literal transparency.

The Muck-Rake appreciates the critical importance of the game room for Amherst’s community of scholars. Where might the college be in the absence of a juke box? How does the leadership of Amherst expect its students to enjoy the full pleasure of intellectual pursuit without a pool table in a room that also hosts an X-Box console and stools? These items are as inseparable from one another as they are from the mission of higher education. Thus, The Muck-Rake supports relocating the game room to the office of Hannah Fatemi.

Fundamentally, the MRC will enable The Muck-Rake to expand upon the tradition of journalistic excellence Amherst students have demanded for 104 years. With our partners Jezebel and Univision, The Muck-Rake already serves the diverse news-consuming constituency to which the college hopes to cater. As Amherst’s sole source of fair and balanced news, The Muck-Rake represents the core of this college’s effort to fulfill its liberal-arts vision of true education for all.

As Amherst finds its footing in a time of change, it is crucial that the college remain committed to the values that have sustained it for two centuries. Academic rigor, social commitment, and vibrant, honest journalism built this institution. Relocating the Muck-Rake Center to the game room will preserve them forever. With clear eyes and strong hearts, The Muck-Rake trusts that Amherst will recognize the wisdom of that path.

Editor’s Note: Disappointingly true to form, The Amherst Student has chosen to silence dissenting voices by refusing to publish this editorial. The Amherst Muck-Rake presents it directly to the college as a public service.