Amherst Compliments Roundup

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  • Amanda Emerson ’13 complimented Catherine Knox ’13 on her new J.C. Penney jeans to draw attention to her modest wealth.
  • Jared Li ’16 complimented Bradley Hendricks ’14 on his one-man dance performance in a comment offered entirely in earnest but presumed to be facetious.
  • Jeremy Phillips ’14 complimented Ryan Andersen ’14E on his toned, athletic biceps and obvious physical regimen on multiple separate occasions toward the end of a Morrow pre-game event.
  • Professor Adam Honig complimented Sasha Phelps ’15 on taking ECON-300: Microeconomics despite the grade he awarded her in ECON-111: Introduction to Economics.
  • Professor Austin Sarat complimented Professor Andrew Poe on purchasing the book When the State Kills, by Austin Sarat.
  • Jae Lowman-Roberts ’15 complimented a Valentine card-swiper on the evening’s crab rangoon.