Glee Club Poster Justifiably Censored

glee club

Amherst, Ma. – All remnants of the posters that had been used to advertise Glee Club’s fall concert “Autumn Leaves” have been destroyed due to their vile, sexually explicit content, says Glee Club President Richard Wong ’13.  The move came in response to a number of complaints leveled by unassuming students who were forced to see the horrifying image in Valentine, or while casually browsing the internet on Amherst-specific blogs.

The posters had shown four students standing with “GLEECLUB” written across their eight collective buttocks, and two students posing suggestively in the foreground with leaves covering their private parts.  Calling it a “horrible lack judgement,” President of the Glee Club Richard Wong ’13 agreed that “there is really no forum through which an image like this ought to be disseminated.”

The “Autumn Leaves” fall concert is, apparently, on Friday at 5 p.m. in Merrill 1.