Editorial: The Muck-Rake Endorses Mitt Romney for President

EDITORIAL BOARD – This presidential campaign has been perhaps the most vigorous—and certainly the most expensive—in recent memory. The latest un-skewed polls present a narrow contest.  Yet rarely has a presidential election presented such a stark choice to the American people. The Muck-Rake prides itself in its objective coverage of the election, yet we find ourselves driven to support the bolder vision: the vision of a hopeful America over that of an apologetic one; the vision of liberty over one of mandates and job-killing taxes; the vision of prosperity for the many over one of gifts for the few.

For these reasons, The Muck-Rake endorses Mitt Romney for president.

President Barack Obama was swept into office with a message of hope and change when America needed it most.  This publication supported him four years ago.  But at the end of this term, Mr. Obama’s record has few bright points to indicate he deserves another.  With unemployment sky high, a massive new bureaucracy in Washington, and the disturbing trend of Muslims leading former allies throughout the Middle East, the results of hope and change have proven hollow.

Mr. Romney believes in Amercia. Just as he saved companies as a distinguished businessman, Mr. Romney is ready to turn this nation around.  As chairman of the Salt Lake City Olympics, Mr. Romney showed his prowess for effective leadership on a global stage.  Most importantly, as governor of Massachusetts, Mr. Romney worked with an immensely Democratic legislature to accomplish changes that placed the state at the top of the country in every metric that matters to us.

With clear eyes and full hearts, we look forward to welcoming his strong leadership to Washington.