Junior Just Going to Pick Each Piece of Lettuce One by One

VALENTINE DINING HALL – Careful not to fill her bowl with more salad than she was definitely prepared to eat, Caitlin Vasquez ’14 selected each leaf of lettuce individually from the Valentine salad bar.  Though aware of the line behind her stretching nearly to the cereal dispensers during the 11:30 a.m. rush, Vasquez refused to let distractions interfere with her precise and often challenging efforts to identify and secure only the best leaves of lettuce from the bin.  “Hmm,” she said as she lost her grip on the plastic serving tongs and dropped one particularly choice piece back into the pile. Vasquez attempted to capture the vegetable again.

At press time, Vasquez was standing in front of the service-side soda machine, where she was chatting with a classmate before selecting her drink.