Bryars ’12 Taps Bryars ’12 as Dean of Students

JOHNSON CHAPEL, Amherst, Ma. – Calling her “the obvious choice” for the role, Catherine Bryars ’12 today announced her appointment of Catherine Bryars ’12 as Amherst College Dean of Students. “In this time of challenge for the college, Bryars is the perfect fit to lead our institution,” said Bryars at a press conference.

Bryars lauded Bryars as a “watchdog” for student interests and said she would fulfill her role by “hounding the administration each and every day.” “Frankly,” said Bryars, “I don’t know how I didn’t think of her sooner.”

Bryars directed particular attention to Bryars’s prior legacy of service to Amherst, including her three months as an uncompensated consultant on sexual and cultural respect. She noted that Bryars was already “the veritable visionary leader of the college” and had “saved it from its own hypocrisy more times than [Bryars] would like to count.”

Bryars dismissed concerns that Bryars lacked the managerial experience for the job, explaining that the dean of students does not actually bear substantive administrative responsibilities and that Bryars would motivate her students and staff to excel “on the strength of her moral clarity” alone.

Following the press conference, Bryars stepped down from the War Memorial, proceeded to Converse Hall, and informed Interim Dean of Students Charri Boykin-East that she had been let go.