Long-Lost High School Friend Has Much to be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving proved too emotional for one distant high school acquaintance, Becca Shutt, who took to Facebook late Thursday to share everything that she is thankful for this past year.  Her long-awaited announcement was, of course, “late as usual,” but there were just simply “soooo many things to be thankful for.”

Topping the list was her family (“nuclear, extended, acquired, and adopted”), followed by “a lifetime of experiences, and general silliness.”  Also high on the list were full-day Disney marathons, something called “Castle Kids for the journey(s) of a lifetime,” her continued growth as both an individual, and as part of a “greater purpose,” and Zappos, “for the shoes that get me to all of it.”  She also wanted to personally thank her fellow hosties, wacky housemates, and eggplants, for serving as a low-carb alternate to more caloric treats.

Becca also wanted to let everyone know that while she does not see all of you on a daily basis, you are all in her thoughts and her memories, and your presence in her life is enough to make her “:).”