Martin Denies Affair with David Petraeus

AMHERST, Ma. — Rejecting the notion that she had at any time engaged in a romantic or sexual relationship with the disgraced former military commander, Amherst College President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin today denied maintaining an extramarital affair with former Director of Central Intelligence Gen. (Ret.) David Petraeus.

“No,” Martin replied when asked by The Muck-Rake whether she had engaged in such an affair with Petraeus, who resigned the top post at the CIA after admitting to marital infidelity with his biographer, Paula Broadwell.  Martin further denied having jogged privately with the general, written his biography, or traveled as his guest on an Air Force C-37A executive jet.

Martin’s office responded defensively to further questions regarding her possible relationship with Petraeus, with Amherst spokesperson Caroline Hanna calling such suggestions “baseless.”  “Why are you asking this?” she replied.

Proof of such a relationship would be the second to hit Amherst this month, following revelations of Dean of the Faculty Gregory Call’s two-year affair with President Bill Clinton.