College Charters Amherst Muck-Rake

COLE ASSEMBLY ROOM, Converse Hall — Following the closure of The Amherst Student on Tuesday, Amherst College President Carolyn “Biddy” Martin entertained a motion to officially charter The Amherst Muck-Rake as the College-sponsored student publication.  Despite an attempted filibuster by a spry Professor N. Gordon Levin and a “chastising” by Professor Austin Sarat, the motion passed on a vote of 271-3.

Starting today, The Muck-Rake will offer the most updated news from Amherst’s campus in a digital format.  Already the 2012 winner of the Associated Collegiate Press’s National Pacemaker Award, The Muck-Rake will serve as a role model for the notoriously sensational student news organizations at Amherst’s peer institutions.  Max de La Bruyère, Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Daily News, affirmed that sentiment in an interview this morning: “We always looked up to the quality reporting at The Student, but I am optimistic that The Muck-Rake will continue to serve as an example to this fucking rag I edit.”